What to eat?

We are finally reached to the point where people feel FOMO even after eating.

There was a time when humans didn’t have enough to eat. Starvation was the major cause of death. If a man from the hunter-gatherer era makes a time machine and somehow arrives today, he will be shocked to know that his decedents are confused over what to eat. Obesity(and the diseases caused by it) has become a significant cause of death now.

How did we reach here? What went wrong?

Well, in short, the human race got bored of hunting and gathering, and nomading. Instead, we settled down. Started farming. The population grew at an alarming rate which caused an increase in demand of food. To provide for all, industrialization happened. Capitalism was born. It gave rise to pollution and in no time we contaminated all our natural resources. The rest of it is history. The food processing enterprises started enriching our food with chemicals. Then pharmaceutical companies came along with dietitians and their weird unpronounceable diets to save us from all of it. And we were forced to live in an unhealthy and confused state. Doomed forever.

Even our medical professionals are not aware of this catastrophe. They are forced to manage the diseases rather than cure or prevent them.

There are so many YouTube channels, celebrity dietitians, social media handles to guide to exactly what to eat. One contradicts the other. Rather than being grateful for our full tummies, half the people live in guilt of having full tummies.

We are so driven by subtle marketing that we have forgotten what’s real.

What can we do:

  1. Be aware of how much you are eating. Control the portions. But don’t get fanatic over it.
  2. Avoid the Ps: Processed Food & Preservatives. Don’t fall for catchy advertisements. Cheese and soda were also supposed to be cool and harmless at one time.
  3. Go natural. It can never go wrong. But don’t fall for so-called organic brands who sell melon seeds 100 times costlier than melon itself. Common sense is also natural. Use it.
  4. Go local and traditional. There is a reason your grand mom led a healthier and longer life. Olive oil is not an elixir of life. You won’t die if you have your local oils.
  5. Tasteless food is not equal to healthy. You have one life. Don’t deprive yourself. Don’t fall for another storm of so-called healthy options
  6. Drink Water. It’s almost free. But not too much. Balance it out.
  7. Experiment with your diet but with your brain. Don’t run towards fad diets. They are not sustainable and can harm you badly.
  8. Workout. Yes. You have to move. That’s how you were evolved. There is no other choice. It will help you with those extra calories.
  9. Keep a check on your stress levels. All diseases get attracted towards a stressed body. Imagine getting diseases even after so much sacrifice.
  10. Take care of your mental health.

In short, the best way to know what to eat is to look around you. The most easily available, kind on the pocket, least processed, and tasty.

Relax and live. Be thankful for you can eat whatever you like. Many people don’t have that choice. Smile at your food and enjoy! :)



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